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Greatness Begins at Alhambra Traditional School . . .
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents:


Welcome to the 2014 – 2015 school year!  The ATS Family will be together soon.  Thank you for choosing Alhambra Traditional School, a unit of the Alhambra School District.


As we meet new parents, welcome new teachers, and host tours of educators interested in replicating our program (and our results), one question always surfaces:  “What makes your school traditional?”  They have done their homework and know our school looks and feels different than other “traditional” schools in the valley.  We tell them that our program is exciting and engaging, rigorous and relevant.  Our school looks different because our teaching staff and methodologies have departed from old-school methods of rote learning and drill and kill.  With the integrated Spalding approach, accelerated inquiry-based math, hands-on science, and writing across the curriculum, our methods have progressed and diversified to keep pace with our advanced and diverse student population.


“Traditional” at Alhambra Traditional School speaks to the hard work, self-discipline, and patriotism that we expect, model, and practice every day.  These traditional values align with the Alhambra District Philosophy:  “Believe In, Practice, and Live the American Dream.”   Our primary responsibility to your children is to prepare them for acceptance into the college of their dreams so they may pursue any career they desire and live a lifetime of prosperity.  That is the American Dream.


Because this is our promise to you, we monitor and evaluate our progress in the pursuit of our primary objective.  We have gained tremendous momentum from the following successes:


·      Alhambra Traditional School earned a letter grade “A” from the Arizona Department of Education.  The 2013-2014 school year marks the eleventh consecutive year ATS has earned the highest distinction possible in Arizona.  Student growth in reading achievement contributed to a higher score than the previous year.   


·      For the first time, the Arizona Department of Education provided an “on target” benchmark to signify the likelihood of student success on the College and Career Readiness Standards.  The test to measure mastery of these standards will be a more rigorous exam that will challenge our students, but success on this new assessment will have greater significance in relation to college and career readiness.  We are proud to report that 71% of ATS students are “on target” in math; and 76% are “on target” in reading.  These rates more than double the state’s on-target percentages.  


·      Students from ATS can expect to skip freshman math.  In 2014, 96% of eighth graders passed the Algebra Qualifying Test and will enroll in geometry or Algebra II as freshman. 


While we continue to evaluate and refine our program to ensure your children achieve the American Dream, it is important to recognize that we are on the right path.  These accomplishments do not surface out of thin air.  These accomplishments are the result of  incredibly high standards, effective instruction, and unwavering parental support.  When you chose Alhambra Traditional School, you agreed to cooperate with teachers and support our vision for your child’s education.  You have done your part and for that we are grateful.


As we begin the 2014-2015 school year, you can count on our commitment to prepare your children to achieve a lifetime of prosperity.  We will do everything in our power to ensure your children live the American Dream.



Dr. Tracey Lopeman

Thursday Notice


Meet the Teacher Day

Friday, August 8, 2014.

9:00-10:30 a.m.

First Day of School
Tuesday, August 12, 2014!



High Five Winner
Katherine "Katie" West
Superintendent's High Five

Katie exemplifies a fantastic attitude towards learning, working with her peers, and life in general.  She has a smile that lights up a room and is just a “rainbow of pure delight,” as Dr. Lopeman once described her.  Katherine has a bright future ahead of her.  She has aspirations to attend college and become a veterinarian and intends to care for animals of all kinds. With this type of service and exemplary work ethic, we are confident that she will achieve any dream she aspires to.  Katie embodies the traits of the Superintendent’s High Five Program and is an ideal recipient of this award.
High Five Winner
Katie Turner
Superintendent's High Five

Katie Turner is a sixth grade student who consistently challenges herself each day.  Whether she is trying to take on the task of learning a new math concept, or working to perfect her overhand volleyball serve in P.E., Katie approaches these activities with a positive attitude and a smile.  She is a humble and quiet leader.  Katie is the type of person to lead by example.  Her quiet confidence and steller academic performance make her ideal for The Superintendent’s High Five Award.


Our Most Recent High Five Winners

Isabelle Thompson

Congratulations to Isabelle Thompson, second grader in Mrs. Davidson's class.  She was recently recognized for demonstrating the Superintendent's High Five:  excellent character, attendance, academics, team work, and service to her community. 

Yuna Kang

Congratulations to Yuna Kang, fourth grader in Mrs. Stegen's class.  She received the Superintendent's High Five Award for her outstanding academics, attendance, team work, character, and service to community. 

Lizette Mier

Superintendent’s High Five Winner

The entire ATS Family is celebrating eighth grader Lizette Mier, winner of the prestigious Superintendent’s High Five Award.  Lizette is finding her greatness on many levels.  She was recently elected Student Council President and participated on the 8th Grade Girls Volleyball team competing and winning all the way to the championship.  Lizette’s academic and professional goals are extraordinary.  She has consistently exceeded the standard on the AIMS test; maintains her position on Principal's Honor Role each year; plans on obtaining a degree in psychology; and looks forward to becoming a published author in her field.  Lizette is a high flyer in all respects and her best is yet to come.  Way to go, Lizette!

My Core Belief and Commitment to the ATS Community

The Alhambra School District Superintendent, Dr. Karen Williams, has guided all school principals to articulate their core commitments.  As principal of Alhambra Traditional School, I am proud to share mine with the ATS Family:

I believe that each child is capable of greatness and deserves to be viewed, treated, and taught as if they are capable of great accomplishments.  I promise to cultivate an environment that seeks and develops every child's greatness.

Dr. Tracey Lopeman

ATS Family Style Fun


ATS Families celebrated the start of the school year with pizza and games at Peter Piper Pizza, an event coordinated by our PTO.  Hundreds of families attended strengthening the ties that bind our community.  The smiles prove it was a great night!

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